Transgender florist hacked to death in Malaysia as two men stand trial for raping her two years ago

Sameera Krishman, 27, a transgender florist was hacked, shot and mutilated in Kuantan, eastern Malaysia. Sameera has been the victim of homophobic attacks since she transitioned. In 2015, she was kidnapped, raped and tortured by two men who were due to appear in court at the same time Sameer met her untimely demise.

Sameer had gone to buy some food on February 23rd, just a day to her 28th birthday, when she was attacked and killed.  According to Human Rights Watch, Malaysia is one of the worst countries for transgender people and the rise of a twisted interpretation of sharia law in Malaysia is believed to be a potential factor in the increasing rate of crime against transgender and gay people. At least 10 transgender women have been killed in a similar fashion since 2007.

When Sameer was attacked in 2015, she was rescued by police after they checked a car that had been involved in a minor accident and found her tied up on the back seat. She was not so lucky this time and by the time the authorities found her, she had been dismembered and left by the side of the road.